DesignChina was first founded in September 2000, it is the first internet base design cooperation in China. Through years of steady market growth and successful business expansion, DesignChina had found a path of perfect mixture of network economy and electronic commerce and hence become the most influential art design enterprise in China,Which was often regarded as the splendid scenery of design industry in this ever innovating country.
  DesignChina is the most commonly recogenized design gateway on internet The company is planning a new renovation for the three online platform in the short future which is aimed at providing outstanding design services to every corner of the world. The three platforms are the design information interchange platform, which daily updates relevant news in design industry and provide resources to designers. The design artwork trading platform which enables online design trading. Design service platform which provide design related services such as copyright consultant and other services.The accumulated pageviews had reached 5.5 billion times, daily pageview is on average 1.6 million times with click count as high as 7 million times, registered user had reached 200 thousand.


  DesignChina had attracted elite designers from all over the world, radiating first class design ideas and concepts to every corner of the world meanwhile providing varies high quality design services to the local community.
  DesignChina had always recognized the importance of uniting social responsibility with business achievements.The company spares no efforts to support country wide design industry's development and communion, had cooperated numbers of large events and competitions with local government, business entities and charity organization.
  DesignChina also provide marketing consultant services for foreign designers to participate the world's largest market China. For the last few decades, China has achieved marvelous economic growth and as a result a market which high demands in service industry arises. In recent years, the government has recognized the economical significance of service industries through the growing demand in local market, especially the design industry and other intellectual and artistic industries were recognized as the next economy growth potential. By inviting foreign designers to local market and exporting local design services to a broader context by the help ofinternet, we hope to achieve promotion of the exchangeinadvance design ideas and concept meanwhile heightening local industry service standard and hence provide best design services to the whole world. With our thoughtfully designed market promotion packages, we can introduce foreign designers to the local market with well recognition in a short period of time even without the physical appearance of the design in local market. By the help of our advance online system, foreign designers are entitled to access the largest market in the world with complete package of marketing consultancy and trading assistance. 2000-2009©版权所有
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